Beatriz Gonzalez

I joined the P.R.O Down 2 Challenge 3.0 this time because it was so important for me to try this challenge for myself. The first Challenge was for my children Stephanie and Giovanni. The Second Challenge was for my son Lorenzo. This third Challenge was for me. Most importantly, I learned that doing something for others is and feels more rewarding to me than trying to do something for myself. Also, that all these challenges were hard, it didn’t get easier.
This challenge changed me physically, emotionally, and mentally. I am extremely grateful for this experience. I was able to fit into some very nice holiday outfits too! I really enjoyed these Challenges, but I don’t think I would do another one anytime soon. Yes, I would totally recommend it to a friend.

What I love about P.R.O. Fitness and Sports Academy are the flexible schedules, the classes, the workouts, the beach workouts, the pool workouts, having access to the running track, and The Recovery Room!