Liz Sierra

I joined the Down 2 Challenge to really get back in shape, and to feel better about myself! I learned that losing weight and getting in shape takes a lot of time and dedication. I also learned a lot of new workouts! The Down 2 Challenge changed me by making me more knowledgeable to new workouts! It also changed me by making me better at time management. being a college student can be very hard and time consuming so sometimes I felt as if I was too tired or didn’t have enough time in my day to work out, but with this program I was given the option to workout at 6am so I
made myself accustomed to waking up at 5am to work out when needed and it really made me feel good. Never would I have thought I would wake up that early to train, but I did and it really gave me more energy throughout the day and a reason to have no excuses not to train.
I would definitely do another challenge and would recommend the Down 2 Challenge to a friend! I love how intense the training is. It makes me really proud to go in there and get everything done no matter how hard the training might be. At the end of each training I feel great knowing that I powered through that session! Derreck is amazing as well! He really pushes you every day to be better! He is also very informative with how the workouts need to be completed and is always making sure you’re doing everything right to prevent injuries. I also love the one on one he gives each client despite how many people might be in the class that day.